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Singing Lesson With Kate - Online

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Singing Lesson With Kate - Online
In order to help our community at this difficult time, we have  reduced the price of our lessons.

    Our contralto Kate Mullins is a versatile singer and mentor whose career has spanned genres from heavy metal to piano jazz, and all things between. Kate has tutored extensively, and taken budding musicians from amateur level to national television appearances – adapting her lessons along the way to include performing for camera and working large audiences.

    Through her unique A.R.T.I.S.T.R.Y Method, Kate will help you:

    Access - your inner emotions and learn how to bring them into your vocal performances. Using methods much like the Meisner technique for acting, you will learn to concentrate purely on the emotions running behind the words. Together we will find and curate song material that means something significant to you.  

    Recreate - the power of your feelings and emotions about a song and its subject matter. We will dissect the lyrics of your chosen material and find ways it connects to you and your own real-life experiences. Through deep discussion of lyrical content and context, we will learn how to vocally replicate these feelings when singing it live and add more emotional depth to your performance.  

    Tackle - your song material with a consistent commitment to a deeper learning process and you will perform with more heart and connection. This sort of punchy delivery takes work so let go of the belief that it can come from nowhere! 

    Install - yourself as the true narrator of any song you choose. I will show you how you can personally become the lyrical subject matter of a song by enhancing your sense of presence and empathy. 

    Sensual - delivery. Learn how to tap into the psyche of your audience and give them goose bumps (and beyond!) by attaching real emotions to the songs you’re singing. If you mean it, they’ll get it! We’ll study ways methods that'll leave your audience a quivering wreck… 

    Technique – I will give you exercises and techniques to work on during our lessons and at home to help you explore the depth, breadth and varying colours of your vocal palette. Accessing your ‘chest’ or ‘speech’ voice will really help to get a story across as it sounds much more like you are talking to your listeners. We will look in detail at the anatomy of the voice and learn how you can harness greater emotional freedom by understanding and manipulating your ‘instrument’. Physical changes in the voice can be triggered by the replication of emotion such as the ‘cry’ and the ‘sob’.  

    Record – we will record your lesson performances and study them together to see what you like and don’t like about your voice. We will delve further into developing the sounds you really like and explore those you don’t. I’ll be giving you an in-depth write up of each lesson with targets to focus your practice on at home. Little and often is the key to improving your vocal stamina and range so expect to do some homework! 

    You – this is all about YOU and I want to know more about you! Everyone is different and everyone needs something slightly different to encourage them to open up, and that really is what I enjoy the best. We’ve got to dig deep! It will be a hugely rewarding process and your performances will become an extension of your very soul. Delving deeper into your voice requires a lot of humility and candour and that's what I'm here to help guide you through. 


     Here's what previous students had to say:

     "I've been taking lessons with Kate for a few years and have thoroughly enjoyed them. I have gained an awful lot of confidence, vocal range and colour, and above all emotional freedom. She has really helped me come out of my shell in delivery as well as listening, and the lessons are very engaging. In addition to vocal exercises and musical analysis, Kate's warm and supportive teaching style focuses on the emotional meaning of the song(s) and how to convey that using a mixture of technique and feelings. A big thumbs up!“ Aurelia Mason

    “Kate is a fantastically supportive teacher. She’s not only got extensive knowledge of the mechanics of sining, she has loads of techniques and tricks up her sleeve to help you make the most of your voice.  Having trained more of a musical theatre style singing in the past, with her help (and some straw work) I’ve managed to find a newer, more authentic singing voice. “  Lisette Knight

    "I have been a student with Kate for around 7 years now.  It has been a rewarding journey transitioning from my background in classical music to this new and exciting world of jazz vocals.  Through Kate and the extensive voice techniques that she has taught me, I have greatly expanded my vocal range and agility far beyond what I have learned in my classical education previously.  Kate is an expert in vocal techniques; each technique and vocal exercise that she imparts is always accompanied with an insightful anatomical explanation of what is happening in the larynx and which areas those exercises are meant to target.  As a student, this is very helpful in understanding how different sounds and tones can be produced and mastered with precision, and those can be used to enrich and provide colours to a performance.  

    Kate is also brilliant at helping students in exploring different interpretations to a piece and help them project the emotions they want to convey through a song to the audience.  For a long time, I struggled with translating what I want to say in a song into the actual performance - it always sounded emotionally flat and restrictive.  Kate has taught me that by understanding the lyrics and the context, as well as experimenting with different phrasing, arrangements and rhythms (and sometimes with the addition of scatting), you can convey completely different feelings with a single song and make a song come alive in different ways.  Kate is never imposing but she helps you push through your boundaries and insecurities.  She always encourages wider listening as part of the learning process and supports students in finding the styles in which they want to develop.  Whether it be a forlorn ballad or a joyful trad jazz/gospel tune, Kate will help you find a way to confidently perform each song in the way that you want it to sound.

    Kate's passion for teaching and her knowledge of jazz is completely inspiring; through her tutelage, I have been able to find my 'jazz voice'.  Not only that, lessons with Kate have also greatly increased my confidence overall and the techniques and skills I learned have also benefited other areas in my life.  

    Kate is a brilliant teacher and I am grateful for everything that I have learned from her!" - Cherie Leung


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