Christmas At Home - Full Concert Digital Audio

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Christmas At Home - Full Concert Digital Audio

Our Christmas At Home live streamed concert on 26/09/2020 was a joyous and festive occasion.

Now you can have the full audio of the concert!

This is available as an immediate download.

Broadcast from The Premises Studios, London

Marcella Puppini, Vocals

Kate Mullins, Vocals

Emma Smith, Vocals

Rory O' Connor, Guest Vocalist and MC

Cris Penfold, Tap Dancer

Jamie Safir, Piano

Joe Petit, Double Bass



Curtis Elvidge, Sound

Adam Cygan, Sound Assistant

Shean Roberts, Director Of Photography

Annie Kruntcheva, Camera

Hassan Kamara, Camera

Kalin Roberts, Broadcast Engineer

Nigel Edwards, Lights

Neil Goody, Production Manager

Rhian Kennedy and David Duchin, Stage Managers

James Miller and Erin Gilmour, Social Media Managers