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Lost and Found - A Secret, Exclusive Digital Album

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Lost and Found  - A Secret, Exclusive Digital Album

Have you ever dreamed of stumbling across a treasure trove of rare B-Sides, never released demos, and alternative takes by your favourite artists?

Welcome to our secret closet!!

Thanks to the wonderful support you have been showing to our crowdfunding campaign, you have been granted access to some truly special snippets from our 15-year history. 

This album will never be released, and only special people will ever be able to own it! 


1 - Puttin’ On The Ritz
(Irving Berlin)

This is an earlier version of one of the tracks from our upcoming album, Dance Dance Dance. Interesting fact about this: we were going to re-record this arrangement exactly as it was, but then we saw that someone on YouTube had complained about us singing "the racist lyrics". We were mortified because we had no idea! So we looked it up and, sure enough, there were lots of racist references with we had not understood. Marcella immediately re-wrote some of the lyrics, which you will hear when the album is released in the new year. This is the politically incorrect version.

2 - Time Warp
(Richard O Brien)

We'd been wanting to add  piano to our rhythm section for ages, so in 2016 we got together with our beloved boys and Arthur Lea and we recorded four tracks just to see what it would sound like. This is one of the tracks. We loved it, and now we don't ever want to record without the piano, even though sometimes it's impractical to bring a pianist on tour.

3 - Roar
(Katy Perry, Lukasz Gottwald, Max Martin, Bonnie Mckee, Henry Walter)

This is from the same session as above.

4 - Don’t Get High No More (from The Real Tuesday Weld's upcoming album)
(Stephen Coates)

We've been collaborating with our friend Stephen Coates (the genius behind The Real Tuesday Weld and The Clarkenwell Kid) ever since Marcella's husband David reached out to him and told him she was a fan. It turned out he was a fan too, and we've been inseparable ever since. This is an acoustic version of a track we recorded for his upcoming album.

5 - Fame
(Michael Gore, Dean Pitchford)

Can you believe this track didn't make the cut for Hollywood? We can't either, because we love it. What do you think?

6 - Rum and Coca Cola
(Lord Invader, Lionel Belasco)

This was a digital bonus from our debut album, Betcha Bottom Dollar. It wasn't released in every country, so a lot of people don't have it!

7 - Raglan Road (from Kate's solo album Between Us)
(Luke Kelly, Patrick Kavanaugh)

Here's a beautiful track from Kate's solo album with the magnificent Will Bartlett, entitled Between Us. We always sing solos live, so it's fitting that you should hear some solo recordings too. This will make your spine tingle.

8 - HR Pufnstuff (from The Real Tuesday Weld's archive)
(Les Szarvas, Paul Simon)

This is another collaboration with The Real Tuesday Weld. We're not sure if this was ever released, but we played it live with Stephen once or twice. A true rarity!

9 - Everything Is Beautiful (from Marcella's eponymous Solo Album)
(Marcella Puppini)

Here's an offering from Marcella's 2015 solo album, Everything Is Beautiful. It's an original track, which Marcella has performed at some of our gigs. Like the rest of the album, this is a joyful song with a nostalgic tinge.

10 - I’ve Seen That Face Before 
(A. Piazzolla B. Reynolds)

Another rare bonus track from our debut album, Betcha Bottom Dollar!

11 - Hold Tight (Seafood Mama)
(Leonard W. Ware, Willie Spottswood & George Robinson)

.....and another one. :-)

12 - Don’t Call Again
(Marcella Puppini)

This is a demo of an original song we recorded in 2007. It was written for our second album, The Rise and Fall of Ruby Woo, but it didn't make the cut.

13 - Grace Kelly
(Mica Penniman Jodi Marr, John Merchant, Dan Warner )

This one didn't make the cut for Hollywood!

14 - Anarchy In The UK 
(Paul Cook, Steve Jones, John Lydon, Glen Matlock)

And finally, this is an arrangement that Marcella wrote for our second album, The Rise and Fall of Ruby Woo. When we played it to our producer, he refused to record it, saying"You can't do that to the Sex Pistols!". So that was that...until 2016, when we finally rebelled and recorded it anyway, like the punks we truly are.