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Unlocked - Full Concert Digital Video

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Unlocked - Full Concert Digital Video

Our very first live streamed concert on 26/09/2020 was a joyous celebration of our 6th album release.

Did you miss it? Or do you want to re-live it again and again?

Well, you're in luck! The full concert is available for you to download.

Enjoy it with a Puppitini or a Slush Puppyni


Broadcast from The Premises Studios, London

Marcella Puppini, Vocals

Kate Mullins, Vocals

Emma Smith, Vocals

Duncan Galloway from The Pasadena Roof Orchestra, Guest Vocals

Martin Kolarides, Guitar

Henrik Jensen, Double Bass

Jamie Safir, Piano

Luke Tomlinson, Drums


Lee Slater, Sound

Evie Clark-Yospa, Sound Assistant

Shean Roberts, Director Of Photography

Annie Kruntcheva, Camera

Hassan Kamara, Camera

Kalin Roberts, Broadcast Engineer

Nigel Edwards, Lights

Neil Tollitt, Production Manager

Katja Medic, David Duchin and Peter Kimpton, Stage Managers

James Miller and Erin Gilmour, Social Media Managers



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