Thank you

Please Watch This Special Message From Marcella Puppini! 

Welcome To The Puppini Community

I’m so happy that you’re here!

Even though myself, Kate and Emma consider ourselves as major vintage lovers, we’re so glad that modern-day technology has enabled us to form such a wonderful and vibrant community of people who love all things old school.

We love our community of vintage enthusiasts it really is like a family, that’s why we created a special group called Puppini Parlour. We’d love to see you there! We share ideas for songs, showcase other amazing vintage artists and musicians, and anything retro that inspires us. Come and join us!

Every Tuesday at 6:00 pm (UK TIME) I go LIVE on Facebook to catch up with our darling Puppini fans and to keep them updated on all of the fabulous goings-on at Puppini HQ.

In addition to this, when you shop with us, you’re enabling us to keep making new music. We were signed to a major label for many years but it got to a point where we decided that we’re better off on our own.

Whenever you purchase from us, you’re helping to keep the independent music scene alive and for that, we cannot thank you enough!

As the vintage/retro world doesn’t solely consist of music alone, it’s been a joy for all of us to expand The Puppini Sisters brand beyond CDs and Vinyl LPs. Adding gorgeous retro-inspired items such as pin-up prints, a ceramic mug, and a stylish tote can really uplift your mood and add some sparkle to your daily life.

We’re always wanting to improve the experience on our website and our shop, so if you ever have any suggestions - either to improve things or suggestions for new Puppini Merch items, please send them to

AND please have FUN with the items you’ve purchased!

Thank you again for being part of this wonderful community,

Marcella Puppini XXX