Born Beautiful CD

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Born Beautiful CD
Born Beautiful CD

Born Beautiful (2011) is Marcella Puppini's first album with her side project, Marcella and The Forget Me Nots.

"Fabulous lunacy, both in conception and in execution"  - Wears The Trousers Magazine

"...a stomping, powerful pop statement" - Rough Trade Records

"Unstoppable" - Simone Tempia, Vogue Italia

With the Forget Me Nots, Marcella explores the full range of her musical loves, from opera to big bands, Klaus Nomi to PJ Harvey, Nick Cave to the Dresden Dolls, fusing these disparate influences with her own unique style to create something boldly individual and new.

Born Beautiful is her statement of eclectic intent.

The title track is a cry from the heart: a plangent piano ballad that explores, with unflinching honesty, what it feels like to be “a prisoner of my insecurities”.

Opening song She Hero (key lyric: “She has the strength of a warrior, she shows the way to be free”) could hardly be more different: it's raw and sassy, Marcella a sultry banshee over Pato Vidal's strutting bass.

And closing song Run While You Can is different again: while Marcella sings – true story, this – of her siblings seeing the devil in the Italian countryside, Ping Lee evokes those dark, open spaces with guitar-playing worthy of Ry Cooder.

Lullaby is as soft as its name, a swirling dance of clarinet and strings, so romantic you could almost miss the violence at its heart: “As you sleep your blood will dry,” Marcella croons to the philandering lover she has just murdered, “until it runs no more.”

To The Water pulses with drama, Marcella's voice aching over a chilling backing chant of “Dies Irae” and Geri McEwan's stabbing violin.

Dirty Old Men, meanwhile, is just plain twisted, a playful, sumptuously orchestrated serenade to all the sleazy geriatrics Marcella encountered in her youth, jacking off in the ladies' toilets or pressing up against her on the bus.


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1 - She Hero
(Marcella Puppini)
2 - Stella
(Marcella Puppini)
3 - Born Beautiful
(Marcella Puppini)
4 - Dirty Old Men
(Marcella Puppini)
5 - No, Billy, Please
(Marcella Puppini)
6 - Lullaby
(Marcella Puppini)
7 - To The Water
(Marcella Puppini)
8 - Run While You Can
(Marcella Puppini)


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